The Beauty Den offers a luxury, cosy and tranquil environment for all types of massage.

Swedish Massage

Is a firm, deep relaxing massage working on all muscles to relieve chronic muscle pain and promotes relaxation.
Package : 1 hour/ £50

Aromatherapy Massage

Is tailored to individual needs. Essential oils penetrate through the skin and help detoxify the body. choose from invigorating or relaxing techniques, depending on how you feel.
Package : 1 hour / £52

Hot Stone Massage

Is when flat, smooth, heated volcanic stones are used to ease stiffness and tension for ultimate relaxation.
Package : 1 hour 30mins / £65

Back, Neck and Shoulder

Is a half hour treatment concentrating on all areas of the upper body.
Duration : 45 mins / £40

Pre/Post Pregnancy Massage

To help ease the muscles and tension in the body. Designed for those who need to unwind and relax.
Package : 1 hour / £50